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Tonnage : 135,500Tons / Length : 323.6Meters / Wideth : 37.2 Meters 
Decks : 20 / Speed : 18 / Passengers Capacity : 5246 / Guests Cabin : 2136 

The Italian Renaissance viewed from a different perspective – the sea.
Enjoy new experiences in a modern-day Renaissance and treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation including:
✔ Delicious cuisine with 13 restaurants and 7 bars to savor the best of Italy
✔ Italian style with comfortable, sophisticated furnishings
✔ Open spaces with a sea view where you can relax and enjoy yourself
Beauty is a way of life
A gentle awakening in your Florentine-style cabin will get your day off to a great start. Stop for a coffee during your morning stroll or enjoy a bit of shopping before spending some relaxation time in the pool. After that, why not enjoy an aperitif overlooking the sea followed by dinner in your favorite restaurant.
Italian style in the cabin
Attention to detail, tasteful styling, harmony. All cabins are designed to provide a comfortable and enchanting space inspired by Renaissance beauty. Here you can unwind, and like the Renaissance you may even experience your own "rebirth" in this magical, cozy atmosphere.
Savor every moment
A delight for the eyes and your taste buds: Costa Firenze includes it all. In the 7 bars on board, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere for a coffee or a delicious afternoon snack. For dinner, the feast of flavors continues in true Florentine tradition with Italian and international cuisine in the 13 restaurants on board.


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